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Are you ready to sell on eBay but just need some guidance to help you on your way? Well, you have come to the right place! We are going to teach you how to sell on eBay using clear, easy to understand language. Soon you will be well on your way to experiencing the excitement of seeing your first auction results just like millions of other sellers before you! We are going to write this guide in a way that assumes you are a beginner using computers as well, so if you already have questions popping up – fear not!

First, a little bit about where you will be headed. eBay Inc. is an American company which was founded in 1995. It has several online divisions – the primary one being – which you are obviously already aware of or you wouldn’t be reading this! is an online auction website where people and businesses sell and buy a wide assortment of goods and even services around the globe. eBay Inc. does business in the billions and has a virtual presence in over 30 countries. Originally set up as an auction only website, eBay has since added features such as “Buy It Now” and eBay Classifieds. eBay also owns, a company which makes it easy for buyers and sellers to do transactions through online money transfers. When you buy or sell on eBay – you aren’t actually buying from eBay itself but from another person or business just like you or your business! just provides the forum which connects the two of you together – but also protects buyers and sellers through a variety of means.

OK – Enough chit chat! You came here for one reason and one reason only! Let’s get started…

  1. The very first thing you will need to do if you haven’t already is to open an eBay account. To do this, simply¬†click on these words with your mouse to visit eBay’s registration page.On that page you will see a registration form similar to what you see in Figure 1-1 below.

    how to sell on ebay
    Figure 1-1 - eBay's Registration Page

If you already have an account, but just can’t remember your username or password – simply click here to visit eBay’s Sign in page. On that page, you will need to click on the link corresponding to what you can’t remember. If you can’t remember either, then you will need to click the “forgot my user ID” link first, follow the instructions and then, once you have that information, click the “forgot my password” link.* (See Figure 1-2 below this sentence) Don’t worry, we will be here when you come back!

ebay sign in
Figure 1-2 - I forgot my user ID or password

OK – All signed up? Great! Now lets move on to Step 2 – Selling your first item! (Link will come soon – page under construction)

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