Amazing Fantasy #15 – First Appearance of Spider-Man – Auction Results

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The holy grail of silver age comics is by far the very first appearance of Spider-Man on the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15. What many non-comic book collectors are not aware of is that the issue was printed in a series which was on its way out. Originally titled Amazing Adult Fantasy and only renamed in the final issue in which Spider-Man appears, the story was just a filler. At the time, the publisher Martin Goodman was looking for something to put in these pages and, as such, hesitantly agreed to let Steve Ditko and Stan Lee print their story about a web slinging teenager by the name of Peter Parker. As you know, the rest is history.


The most ever paid for a copy of this comic was $1,100,000 in March of 2011. On the low end – even with the book missing its cover – one can expect to get $500 plus.


The following links will bring you to some respected comic book dealers and will showcase their current copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 and also show the auction results of the same – depending on what you are looking for in relation to this comic.